Oct 30, 2012

Classic Breakfast gone Green!

I am in love! I just love those days where you know the whole day will rock based on how your breakfast was.
This was a very simple yet special one. My guy made it for me, like as a surprise. That´s what make it so special, plus the taste…mmm the taste..!
And of course I had to share, not only because it´s a kind of new way to have breakfast, but because it adds a good flavor to it.

This is just 2 fried eggs, “lying” in 2 slides of green peppers. Slice per egg, then dress it up with 2 slices of bacon, or as many as you´d like.

This seems in a way, a Mexican Breakfast, but American at the same time, so, I don’t even know, all I know is that the whole thing tasted amazing. I had some milk with it, and again, yumm!
**No flavor was added to those peppers, just some salt for the eggs but that´s it.

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