Nov 1, 2012

Happy Stars and Moon Cookies!

 Have you ever wonder what stars in the sky smell like? Or if they have a taste? What if stars tasted like cookies? And more than that, what if they taste like cookies with icing?

I was just thinking about it right before falling asleep, after watching Law & Order (L&O not related to stars at all, but that´s what I did). I think Felix Baumgartner jumping from space had something to do with this idea. It was the same day. Yup, that´s the kind of things I have to go through with this mind of mine when she´s coming with a new idea.
So the very next day I decided to make cookies, stars with happy faces because that´s how I imagine them to be, and little weird moons.

 I have a post here of my go-to cookie dough and royal icing recipes. It works every time and the taste is amazing!

So, once you have your cookies baked, cooled and ready to be dolled up, draw the border line and then fill that in. I have found out, that if I do all my lines first and then start filling in, when the icing is dry, you can see the division between the lines and the icings. So I like it better when it all looks like one entire surface, I go cookie by cookie, first the line and right after the filling.
Let it dry overnight, or several hours. Once they are 100% dry (you touch the icing and nothing comes out), start playing with food markers. I remember just going randomly, just try to not over do the faces; less is more a lot of the times. They are done here, just let the marker sit.

For the half moons all I did was simply cut a circle in half, like in the photo. (The entire circle is suppose to be in the upper left space, ooopsssyy!)
Then baked, cooled and decorated them the same way I did with the stars. At the end I just used an eatable- sparkly- toothpaste consistency gel thingy my mom got me. However, I have seen them at Michael s.

This ones where delicious as I think were funny and easy to do. My niece, nephew, bf, Mom and Dad  loved them. For a more “formal presentation”, don’t draw the faces.

Try it out, you´ll love them!
Xoxo- me!

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