Sep 19, 2012

Chocolate Mousse and a Strawberry

Today´s note is me sharing an idea of something really delicious. Recipe for chocolate mousse at the end.
I´m a huge fan of LauraVitaleskitchen, and me and one of my 7 nieces were watching her videos the other night, well, more like 2-3 months ago, and Victoria (my niece) wanted me to make the Chocolate Mousse for her birthday (which was very soon. I went ahead and made the chocolate mousse following this recipe  (I doubled her recipe, since the original one is only for two, and we needed more. It tasted amazing! Even my picky sister (Victoria´s mom) loved it! It is really good.

To doll the whole things up and since my niece loves chocolate covered strawberries I just covered the strawberries with dark chocolate, once I was done covering the last strawberry the first one was kind of dry, but not totally, so I went ahead and applied the white chocolate with a wax paper cone and started going from one side to another and then the opposite. Then placed them on the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Once they were done I just took 1 strawberry per chocolate mousse, and that´s it!
They look gorgeous, they taste even better though.

It is amazing how simple and easy can a desert be, it kind of changes the mood of a whole meal. Is not just eating, it is a way to enjoy and spend some quality time after all. 
Give it a try & enjoy!

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