Oct 9, 2012

La crepe

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to share a yummy moment with a crepe, the exterior world and some people I love.

My boyfriend and I are currently living with his family. The reason being is that I´m taking a Pastry Chef Course (a sort of degree) and the best course I fount was in the same city where his parents live, so we decided, to move in with them, to save some money, for now. And since he works online he had no biggie. The place is huge and we all get along pretty well. We are 6 people in total and I might add to that I´m the only girl, besides my mother –in-law o course. This pastry chef course lasts 6 months, and I am pretty excited! Not only because of all the things will I learn to do, but also because I love doing stuff.

I´m not sure how that tiny store of my life above is related to the crepe itself, but I guess it is since the people I went to eat this deliciousness was my boyfriend and mother-in-law.
Anyways…the crepe itself was simple but delish, or maybe the fact that I love strawberries is somehow related. The crepe was from a local tiny sort of portable store. And it was basically filled with some cream cheese and strawberries. DELICIOUS! We ate it at a mall and the best part is the view we had: Best Buy. Just kidding, but it made me thing, its funny how live works differently for all of us.

This made me realize. Sometimes it isn't about expensive restaurants wearing expensive clothing and driving expensive cars what makes life special. It is all about sharing, taking risks (trying new things at total random places), and just chilling from time to another. Instead of walking ultra fast to the store you went to the mall for, take the time (if you can) and just look around, experiment and just sit for 1 minute, those are the times when you realize what is life really about.

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