Oct 10, 2012

I´m a Mexican girl who likes creating things and sharing what I like and things I do (or, sometimes, a bit about my feelings and things that happen in my life). So in a way, this is my “e-dear diary” sort of speaking. I write in English so anyone can reach things I share.
I am one of those floating souls; I wish I have had a passion in life back when I was 20. In my life, there are so many stages people don’t know about (ok maybe they do know about the first two):

I studied Psychology (1st stage): It took me the whole degree to realize it is interesting but not for me (…  I know).

Photography (2nd stage): Lovely! I take pictures all the time, besides the ones on this blog. But I realized that I´m more interested on it as a hobby than as a career.

“Painter” (3rd stage): Bought material and such, then I discovered I just wanted to try it out and let some ideas out of my head.

Polymer clay crafter (4th stage). I did consider selling my creations, as for a living. Later I got to the conclusion it is more like a kind of summer activity rather than a job. I is a fun, relaxing way to spend quality time with other people interested in creations.  

Nail art. (5thstage). This one got my bad, to the point of losing track of real life and just thinking about that. I did have a lot of fun, and honestly gave it a lot of time (energy, thought, money and effort).
I even opened a YouTube channel (funny random facts from the past, YT channel´s now closed as the stage itself). It was interesting (I learned a lot of techniques, applicable for a lot of things not only nails), but it got so deep in me, like a drug, where I needed to stop, needed to leave, so I did.

There was even a time where I considered it as a business, go to people´s homes and do their natural nails. 

Silly because most people would rather go to a salon, and paper themselves, and people who don’t do acrylic nails rather have them natural most of the times, but I mean you never know I guess until you try.
It was a weird stage and I think a lot of us go through that at some point or another. I´m glad it´s over though. It´s never nice to not being able to sleep because you are thinking or doing your nails (to then remove the design after 5 minutes) and waking up at 1pm realizing you missed the whole morning. Or speaking rudely to my boyfriend or not helping with the house because I was “busy” with that.
I still do my nails from time to another, I like nail art, in my own nails I prefer them shorter, or I would paint the idea on some fake nail, but not like an obsession.

Photo editing. (6thstage). Then I went back to photography (which I never left because for my nail art I use to take the close-up pictures), but this time Editing images, I got some clients (real clients) then I decided it was cool but it was spending hours and hours behind the computer (more than what I could take).

The final stage (at least I hope so, haha). That is desserts. It feels good because it evolves everything I love: Creating, producing, dolling things up, mixing, measuring, and having a result people can actually enjoy.  I´m currently taking a Pastry Chef 6 month course and I´m loving it. It is tricky, because there are a lot more things involved in the whole process, such as costs, nutrition facts, types of everything, functions of everything, and human resources.

And it´s funny, my love for baking developed my liking for cooking, which I use to dislike with my whole body. I guess people change. I still prefer making desserts, but I don’t hate cooking anymore.
I´m currently living with my boyfriend and his family, we all get along pretty well. The reason for this is because my course is taking place in the same city where they live. Me and my boyfriend used to have 2 dogs, but one sadly passed away recently, that was definitely something really sad and sudden, and still in shock (both of us). You know as they say, puppies are like kids. So true.

I´m a Pastry Chef Student, who loves to create stuff and to share online worldwide.

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