Oct 12, 2012

Minnie Mouse Nails

I love Disney. I´m in my 30´s and I am one of those who still loves Mickey and all that.
I decided I wanted to complement that aspect on my next nail art. But I wanted something simple, because red is a lovely but powerful color. In my opinion, red ir a double face color, you can make it work, or you can totally lose it.

When using red, base coat is a MUST, unless you want your nails to turn yellow once you remove the design. I would recommend a good quality one, or one you try and are sure really works as a base. I used one that I bought at a sally beauty supply store, is by Beauty Secrets

Then I applied my base color, I used Cherry Red by Sally Hansen. Any red will do. Chose a red you like. Wait until dried.

Apply a French tip with your favorite white. I used White by Art Deco. Then use a dotting tool (toothpick or an actual tool meant for nail art) and apply the dots. Wait for those to dry.

Now, it is up to you if you want all of your nails to have a bow, I personally prefer the bow just in one nail. In this case my ring finger.  But you can go all the way up to 10.
To make the bow simply grab black nail polish, I used Black out by Sally Hansen, and draw 2 dots on one side and 2 other dots on the other side and one in the middle, as simulating a fluffy bow. And before the middle dot tries, I just applied a transparent rhinestone to make the bow pop a bit more.
**If you don’t have a rhinestone, you can always apply a dot of silver nail polish, try to pick a really pigments one, so you only have to apply one dot.

Seal you cute nails with some top coat, I used Megashine by, again, Sally Hansen. This not only will make the design lasts longer, but it will make everything look better and under a whole shinny surface. Especially for the bow and rhinestone. Let dry.

That’s t! Isn’t it simple, easy and the best part, cute? Enjoy!

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