Oct 11, 2012

Simple vintage floral nails

Today, I did my nails very simple, but effective. This reminded me for some reason of something vintage and clean. The best part is that it was super simple, and people could actually guess they were actually flowers in there.

I first painted my nails white. In some occasions some people use a base coat, just t protect their natural nails against strains they get from really strong colors such as red or yellow, but since I was using white there was no need, I think.

Since I was looking for a white with some yellow undertones, like a kind of bone color, and I didn't have any at home I decided to use this sheer color that worked fine. **The color is super sheer (duh), so I applied like a zillion coats of this one, just kidding, but I had to apply easily 3 coats, and It was extremely hot so It was a pain waiting for that one to dry. But the color result is gorgeous.
**Note: If you have a more pigments white color with significant yellow undertones, totally use it, instead.

Then, take a toothpick, remove the pointy tail with scissors and use it as a dotting tool. Apply small “c”´s and all kind of shapes with some black nail polish. There is no rule here, I just tried to make that figure look like a flower as much as I could.

I then applied some gold nail polish here and there, just to give it a kind of dimension. I used a gold color by Orly, I don’t remember the name but this is just for tiny details so I think any golden color with silver undertones will make it well. Applied that with my super duper cool versatile dotting tool! (btw..excuse my really crappy and messy painted nails, it was like 2am, i was tired and wanted to do my nails before going to sleep. That small excess always goes away after washing hands tho)

Last, a sort of important step, apply top coat, this will not only make your design last longer but will make that golden color really shine.

And that´s it! Simple, easy, pretty and versatile! Cute, right?

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