Aug 20, 2012

Strawberry chocolate short cake

This is simply the best! I love the taste of chocolate cake, with cream cheese fronting and strawberries together.  

There is something about those 3 flavors together that is just breath-taking. Up until now, I haven’t met a personal that doesn’t like chocolate cake. But I mean, there must be, there is always somebody for something.
This is not quite a recipe; it’s just me sharing this idea. I was in the mood for something fresh, chocolaty and with cream cheese fronting and strawberries I had waiting to be eaten in some interesting shape.
This is a regular cake-mix cake, cut it in half, and then in squares, so it’s like an individual cake rather than taking slices. Simple take one square and gather it with another one on top, fill it with cream cheese frosting, so basically the frosting will act as a glue to attach the 2 pieces together.
The recipe for the cream cheese frosting is in here:
I am pretty sure I’m obsessed with it, I cannot stop using it, and it is simply the best! I got it from Joy of baking.
As for the top part, I did take my piping bag but I didn’t use any piping tip, I piped directly from the bag.
The strawberry had to take place somehow, so how about on top? It works as decoration as well, since I covered them with my favorite: Dark chocolate and white chocolate (I used the wax paper cone technique to place the white chocolate).

The result is just heaven! A cute individual piece of cake, that tastes as yummy as it looks. I think it is a good idea for any kind of party or gathering.

SIDE NOTE: I used a couple of this ones for a gathering with my friends, and its better to make them the same day you´ll eat them, because strawberries ´s "life" after covered in chocolate is not too long. You can always bake the cake a day before, then put it on the fridge, take it out and start decorating a few hours before serving. that way your berries will taste delish!

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