Oct 10, 2012

Hi and Welcome! I created this little cyber-diary to share just about anything I do, just because. This is a relaxed place where I share things I think are worth and I recommend (after tasting them). Sometimes I love 100% what I share, sometimes I would place a little side note of things I would recommend changing and the reason for that, for next times.

I’m into doing things, having ideas and trying to make them happen, edible or not edible. However, I do sometimes tend to lose interest if my idea isn’t too exiting. This is the home for those other projects or “notes” that made it.

In Particular:

It definitely wasn’t like a childhood dream that I had for a long time, it sort of developed. I remember going to this Chef´s supply store not long ago. For some reason I walked towards the baking supply aisle and remember thinking “Oh Boy! It all looks charming! I want to live here and start baking right now” like if I was in Disneyland. When I got home that same day I did my deep-research online for techniques and getting familiarized with the whole new baking world. The more I found I know about it the more I liked it, I liked it a lot. I tried it and the addiction grew like a snowball. My admiration started with cupcakes an sprinkles, that lead me to desserts and all kinds of pretty threats. For me, baking is a form of art and self-expressions, and better yet, people can get to eat and enjoy the results.
I like baking a lot because is a small chemistry project, with art involved. Pretty interesting since there is also math involved in baking, in high school math wasn’t my strongest field, but in a cute dessert form I like it much better. Love it!

Desserts in this post: There are a lot of things that look pretty but taste nasty, those I won´t post, because I know it sucks when you got to the store all excited to buy all the ingredients and turns out it was bad and just looked pretty. Total money/time/energy waste. Argh!
That happens especially online. Where who knows if dishes or desserts really taste as they look. I do only follow recipes online where I can read others comments, wheatear they like it, they hate it, or they share changes they made.

Website I always check are:

Nail Art:
I found out about Nail Art through Youtube. You know, like most people spend their spare time on Facebook, Twitter, etc, I would spend it on Youtube. Watching from beauty gurus, to chefs, diy´s tutorial, etc. I honestly don’t remember what was I looking for on Youtube exactly, but I discovered a bunch of people doing their nails and I thought it was the coolest thing, since I´ve always loved paintings and colors. I thought it was a cool and more useful way of painting. Since its on nails.

Miniature canvas but still visible.  I loved it so much, it turned into an addiction (See “About Me” section above).  From there, I kept a couple of material and photos and tutorials. I use to make those to get the idea out my head, but after painting them, I would grab my remover and take off the design. Yes. It was a complete waste of everything, but it made me happy back then.

Nowadays, I do nail art, but way more settle. I generally “design” one nail and the rest all the same color, or if the design is not too heavy I will do it on all my nail. The reason behind is, I see my nails constantly and if they call my attention a lot I get tired of the design easily, because I don’t feel comfy I guess with it. In a way is distracting and that makes me tired of it. I know, I´m that weird!
For myself, I do prefer my nails shorter. I turn pretty useless when they are longer, although they look prettier longer..well, sometimes. But sometimes I give my long nails a try, and some others I go natural. Especially when I´m cooking or baking because I think they might look a bit nasty all done and you in the kitchen.

DIY and Crafts:
Those are things that I have always liked. It’s fun to look at things from a whole new perspective after, with a few materials, they look totally different. You end un valuing things because of the store they have, rather than how much they cost.

Annnnd I hope you are still awake! Maybe I did share a bit more than what people are actually interested, but as I was writing this e-diary I got to the conclusion I wanted to share a lot.

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